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Free Fax To Email

Free Fax to Email Service

This is a service offered where you can receive all your documents in your email inbox for free. There are no hidden charges or software needed. All you need to do is follow the simple sign up process, a confirmation email will then be sent to your email address with your new number, once activated you can start receiving information. Its as easy as that, there is no set-up process or difficult steps which will slow you down from receiving your documents.

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Free Fax to Email

Free fax to Email makes your life easier by allowing you to read your messages where ever you are, no more waiting at the machine for your documents. If you have a smartphone which can receive emails then you can also get your information on your phone.

This is not only a free service, it also helps you to save money, when you receive your messages in your email inbox you save money on printing paper and toner.

Straight to Inbox

You can also save costs on line rental and money wasted on servicing your machine. Having your information in your email inbox helps you to store it by date and time and makes it easier to find. By having your messages in your email inbox you can choose to forward save or print the message , and you are less likely to lose your documents as opposed to having a loose piece of paper.


Free Fax to Email is more reliable than the traditional messaging system, if your telephone line is busy or has an error you will miss your message but with this new age service you wont have this problem. It is important to have this feature for critical documents and for important messages. Another great benefit of this is if you have a company with a high number of employees you can issue each person with an individual fax number instead of having all of them using one traditional machine.

Free online fax

Fax machines have been around for many years. In its respective time the machine was a game changer in communication. Never before had the world been able to send an image or document to any part of the world in an instant, the postal system was king. The first messaging machine was invented in 1843.

Email or as it was then called Electronic Mail came to life in 1993, also a game changer in its communication enhancing ability. Computers were seen as the future and machines like these had become second rate. Since then the world seems to have become a network.

Then someone sparked an idea that would take the modern and the old, combine them and create a system and service solution that would once again revolutionise the way the world viewed communication.

It’s a new world and with that, we offer new systems. Free fax to email means that you can send documents anywhere at any time to any place in the world. This system comes complete without the hassle of having to endure that terrible noises of the traditional machine and without the unreliable shiny paper that barely copies the original message. All the incoming documents or images get stored in your inbox, allowing you the ability to view them at your leisure. Your unique number and email address are linked.

But what really makes our service the right service for you is; it’s free. Yes free. Not many things these days, in this modern and technologically advanced world, are free.

Free fax to Email is a leader in faxing solutions worldwide, learn more about us. The platform we offer is second to none and is reliable, safe, and secure. There is no need for maintenance or support structures. Not only is our service free, as our name implies, but you save on other usual costs. You save on the traditional machine’s debilitating costs that include toner, paper and ink, making our service environmentally friendly. These old school machines number in the millions and use a lot of power. Most peoples machines are on 24 hours a day and the electricity wastage is significant. Documents are often printed and sent again, using more paper. Research has been done and has yielded results that show machines consume up to 355 000 trees a year. That’s 355 000 trees a year, which with us is no longer necessary. The 21st century has been labelled as the ‘digital age’ and with that, we now have the ability to save paper and save carbon emissions when it comes to electricity.

Contact us today and get your free, environmentally friendly and easy to use free fax to email service TODAY.

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